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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey there! Welcome!

I love to experiment with all types of art and crafting. If I could, I would learn all the art mediums and techniques!

I mainly draw on paper or with my tablet on the computer, but I love to experiment with different styles and mediums of art, including knitting and sewing. I also really love animation, I would love to hone my animation skills!

I'll really just post whatever. Some of it is fanart, some is not, but all of it will be of things I enjoy!

I wouldn't expect a consistent upload, I really just upload when I feel like it or when I actually make something I like, haha.

And yeah...that's my bio! ya! Oh! And feel free to leave a comment if you want! I love comments!

` ___
/_|_ \____|

P.S. I'm trying twitter out, we'll see how long I keep active on there, haha:


Hello! I just wanted to say thank you to anyone who's favorited any of my stuff or added me to the Watch list in the past few months! I appreciate all the interest and feedback!

I was trying to leave thank you comments to everyone individually, but I put it off for a while, and now I'm way too far behind to catch up. It sucks because I really like saying thank you and seeing all the cool stuff other people create, but I really haven't had time recently to go back through everyone.

So Thank You to those who have shown interest in my silly art endeavors and I'm sorry I could not get back to you in time.

I hope everyone who sees this has a great day and keeps on creatin'! Spidey Groovy Dance [V1]Crash dance Island Dance Beastie  

Ehn Sain with a Trumpet
Eyo, where's the party at? haha

I got so much accomplished yesterday, but by the end of the day, I still felt extremely unfulfilled. So, at like 12:30 am (of course), I finally decided to draw something. My tablet wasn't connecting properly and I couldn't get the pen pressure to work, so I just went to Microsoft Paint and started drawing, and this is what happened!

This took me four hours, I put way too much effort into this, haha. It's Ehn Sain with a trumpet! I decided a while back that Ehn Sain should play trumpet because it matches his bright and loud personality (or, it would if he was a well-developed character with a personality, haha), and I used to want to play trumpet when I first tried to get into band. I ended up with an even cooler instrument though: the trombone! Woo, go Trombones! Haha, but the trumpet works for Ehn Sain for now.

Also, I decided to play with the color of the ears a bit. I tried a light blue instead of pink, kind like I did when I colored him in pencil:… I kinda like it a little better! I might keep that change!

Also also, this isn't a perfect drawing, but I really love how it turned out! This is now my Desktop background, haha!


Drawn and Colored in Microsoft Paint
Original Character Ehn Sain created by AwesomeAartvark(me!)
Death in a Robe
Hello, how is it going?

This is a quick late night drawing I just finished. I was going to go to bed, but I really wanted to create something before I did, and this is the outcome! I don't know what Death is doing, maybe he was disturbed in the middle of a shower or something, haha. But I'd like to think that he always wears this robe, the thought makes me laugh more, hahaha!

And I just realized, my past few uploads have been in black and white. I did not plan that, haha, what a happy coincidence! Anyways, imma go to bed now, see ya!

Drawn and Colored in FireAlpaca


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